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An Ancient Mystery

Some say it’s needed to consolidate memories or to clear out metabolic waste from the brain. But nobody really knows why we sleep. Now neuroscientists are probing that mystery in an unlikely creature, the fruit fly.

NYU Physician, Fall 2014

Professors awarded fellowship for contributions to science, research

Washington Square News, March 2014

Two NYU Faculty Win Sloan Foundation Research Fellowships

NYU news release, Feb 2014

HHMI Selects 45 International Student Research Fellows

Stavropoulos Lab graduate student Qiuling Li receives HHMI fellowship.

HHMI, July 2015

Study in fruit flies reveals a gene affecting the ability to sleep

Research suggests that a newly identified gene known as insomniac may play a role in keeping us asleep.

Rockefeller University, Fall 2012

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