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Neuronal knockdown of Cullin3 as a Drosophila model of autism spectrum disorder.

(2024). Tener SJ, Lin Z, Park SJ, Oraedu K, Ulgherait M, Van Beek E, Martínez-Muñiz A, Pantalia M, Gatto JA, Volpi J, Stavropoulos N, Ja WW, Canman JC, Shirasu-Hiza M.

Sci Rep 17;14(1):1541.   PDF

insomniac links the development and function of a sleep regulatory circuit.

(2021). Li Q, Jang H, Lim KY, Lessing A, Stavropoulos N.

eLife 10:e65437   PDF

Cul3 and insomniac are required for rapid ubiquitination of postsynaptic targets and retrograde homeostatic signaling.

(2019). Kikuma K, Li X, Perry S, Li Q, Goel P, Chen C, Kim D, Stavropoulos N, Dickman D.

Nature Communications 10(1):2998   PDF

Structural and behavioral analysis reveals that Insomniac impacts sleep by functioning as a Cul3 adaptor.

(2019). Li Q, Lim KYY, Stavropoulos N.

bioRxiv   PDF

Elementary sensory-motor transformations underlying olfactory navigation in walking fruit-flies.

(2018). Álvarez-Salvado E, Licata AM, Connor EG, McHugh MK, King BM, Stavropoulos N, Victor JD, Crimaldi JP, Nagel KI.

eLife 7:e37815.   PDF

A bidirectional relationship between sleep and oxidative stress in Drosophila.

(2018). Hill VM, O'Connor RM, Sissoko GB, Irobunda IS, Leong S, Canman JC, Stavropoulos N, Shirasu-Hiza M.

PLoS Biology 16(7): e2005206.   PDF

Conserved properties of Drosophila Insomniac link sleep regulation and synaptic function.

(2017). Li Q, Kellner DA, Hatch HAM, Yumita T, Sanchez S, Machold RP, Frank CA, Stavropoulos N.

PLoS Genetics 13(5):e1006815.   PDF

Evaluation of ligand-inducible expression systems for conditional neuronal manipulations of sleep in Drosophila.

(2016). Li Q, Stavropoulos N.

G3: Genes | Genomes | Genetics 6(10):3351-3359.   PDF

insomniac and Cullin-3 regulate sleep and wakefulness in Drosophila.

(2011). Stavropoulos N, Young MW.

Neuron 72:964-76.   PDF

Identification of developmentally specific enhancers for Tsix in the regulation of X chromosome inactivation.

(2005). Stavropoulos N, Rowntree RK, Lee JT.

Mol Cell Biol. 25:2757-69.   PDF


A functional role for Tsix transcription in blocking Xist RNA accumulation but not in X-chromosome choice.

(2001). Stavropoulos N, Lu N, Lee JT.

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 98:10232-7.   PDF   Commentary

Further examination of the Xist promoter-switch hypothesis in X inactivation: evidence against the existence and function of a P(0) promoter. (1999). Warshawsky D*, Stavropoulos N*, Lee JT.

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 96:14424-9.   PDF

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